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It’s not enough to succeed. Others must fail.

by Philip Sheppard 30 May 2012 As the last strike of the clock signals the end of 30 May 2012 there will be quiet relief from the back offices and consultants of most top-level domain name (TLD) applicants. And finally after the drama of the TAS system gremlins we have closure. ...


Feared by the Bad, loved by the Good: Robin Hood

      by Philip Sheppard   The eccentricities of California-based ICANN, the allocator of domain names, know few bounds. Based on the best of legal advice, though perhaps not the best of PR advice, it’s Board has announced the system for allocating priority in the processing of around 1000 weighty applications for new ...


TLDs, CJD and other mad cows

    By Philip Sheppard, director policy, governance and public affairs, Sedari   “At every crossroad on the road that leads to the future, tradition has placed against us ten thousand men to guard the past”. These were the words of Stanley Prusiner in 1992 describing the opposition to his radical discovery ...


a ripe combination

Sedari's polished sense of humour won us over... who else is worthy to run .cheese ?